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DDM App Design is a startup focused on creating unique and engaging mobile applications. Based in London, Ontario our team is comprised of amazing individuals who embrace the challenges of software development on all platforms.

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Software Engineer

As a small team of only 7 it is imperative that we all contribute to the various things that go into making a company run. The programmers will be acting as full-stack developers, and along with writing code you will also be voicing your opinion in marketing strategies, graphics design, lunch choices, and refereeing ping pong matches.

Necessary knowledge/experience in:

• iOS and Android devices
• Objective-C, Java, C, C++, Python, SQL
• Web services
• Databases

Responsibilities include:

• Developing User Interfaces
• Developing and maintaining back-end server code
• Creating really cool things that don't exist
• Having fun, being social, and collaborating on lots of design decisions

We also offer:

• Competitive salaries
• Comfortable workstations
• Retina MacBook Pro's with additional monitors

Please send resumes and coverletters to: jobs@ddmappdesign.com

Internship Opportunities

At DDM we do offer internship, co-op and PEY (Professional Experience Year) terms. These can last anywhere from 4 months to over a year depending on the requirements of your school program.

Please contact us for further information so we can see about finding something to match your skill set :)


Please send resumes and coverletters to: jobs@ddmappdesign.com